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Welcome to Dalarna – the heart of Sweden

Where you are always close to nature and outdoor activities.

Dalarna offers both opportunities for relaxation and activity in the unique Swedish environment of forests, mountains and lakes that can be discovered through pleasurable and engaging activities. The presence of nature and the range of outdoor activities makes this a place with something for everyone. Summer and autumn are ideal for hiking, cycling, golfing, fishing, hunting and cultural experiences. Winter and spring’s beautiful snow-covered landscape can be explored on foot, by cross-country skiing or cross-country ice skating, by snowmobiling, dog sledding or in the slalom slopes. Dalarna is full of opportunities all year round. There are several destinations with alpine slopes on Idre mountain, Himmelfjäll, Fjätervålen and Grövelfjäll. The northern parts of Dalarna are growing stronger as a tourist destination where nature-loving people come traveling from several countries, mainly in northern Europe.

Idre, which is the heart of the mountains, has grown tremendously in recent years and the main reasons why skiing travelers choose Idre are that this is where you will find the real mountains, there is always natural snow in the terrain, the winter season comes early and ends late in the spring. Idre mountains are nowadays always first out with both the alpine and cross country skiing season openings, so the different national teams always gather here early in the season. Summer activities are constantly increasing and a wide range awaits the adventurous ones here, what attracts most people is fishing in the endless streams and rivers found in the mountains and valleys. Hiking, berry and mushroom picking, as well as hunting in the autumn are all activities that many people return to Idre for, several times a year. In Idre you will also find the southernmost Sami village where the Sami people live together with their reindeer and contribute to the open landscapes, the reindeer herding land.

Idre Lugnet
On the way up to Himmelfjälland Idre mountains from Idre village is an area called Fjällfoten. It is 5 minutes by car to Idre village and to the mountain facilities. Fjällfoten has already been populated for many years with tenant-owners and holiday homes in the area nearby and it is popular as these cottages are almost always rented out. Idre’s golf course is just a stone’s throw away from the area to the north, so it is within walking distance. Here there is a plot of land which will now be released as a number of land boundaries for sale. The land boundaries vary in size and some are suitable for building semi-detached houses while others are for single-family homes. In other words, these land boundaries are ready for construction so you only need a building permit from the municipality and then you are soon one of many who have already bought or built their own accommodation in the most popular destination in the mountain world – Idre. The snowmobile track that takes you up the mountain goes past this site so you can easily get out on the mile-wide trails that take you almost everywhere. The address is Björnvägen, 790 91 Idre.

Electricity and fiber
Cable laying for both electricity and fiber are prepared to each land boundary Idre 32:44-55, performed by Ellevio.

Water and wastewater
2019-12-22 NODAVA has connected municipal water and wastewater to each land boundary Idre 32:44-55.

Road construction
The road construction has been completed to each land boundary Idre 32:44-62 during October 2020. VKA Investment has already applied for membership in Idre GA:29.


Municipal detailed plan (in Swedish)
Administrative map Idre 32.32
Administrative map GA 29
Water and wastewater map
Property identification, area and building rights

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